our mission

Our mission is to provide the consumer with locally owned and operated businesses that share an authentic reputation for honesty, integrity and quality. We tackle the everyday issues facing homeowners and businesses regarding how to find a business who one can be comfortable with and be able to build a relationship with. When you use a business or service that is a part of the NCBA you can be sure that they are part of the local community. Newnan-Coweta Business Association “Working together to support one another.”  

where we are located

Newnan-Coweta Business Association is located in Newnan, GA. Newnan was established as county seat of Coweta County in 1828 and was named for North Carolinian General Daniel Newnan. It quickly became a prosperous magnet for lawyers, doctors, other professionals, and merchants. Since then it has flourished with local business and is still growing. Newnan is a thriving community.   

NCBA was formed to bring locally owned businesses together with neighbors, friends, and relatives. We believe that all of us would rather spend our hard earned money with companies and businesses where the owners and employees serve the community they live, work, and play in. We open the door for individuals to do business and have services provided by businesses that are part of their local community. We know that doing business with locally owned and operated companies build a thriving local economy where we support one another. We invite you to take advantage of any or all of the opportunities we offer.

"Working together to support one another."